"Time is a sort of river of passing events, and strong is its current."
- Marcus Aurelius

Washington College Center for Environment & Society

The Chester River Watershed Observatory is administered by Washington College’s Center for Environment & Society. The CRWO engages critical partners in the development and funding of its programs. Information on our valued partners is included below.

Captain John Smith Chesapeake Historic Trail

Captain John Smith Chesapeake Historic Trail
The historical adventures of Captain John Smith interest students in learning how the Bay has changed since the time of Smith’s explorations. This provides educators with exciting new ways to prepare the next generation of Bay stewards. Working with the Chesapeake Bay Office of NOAA a system of buoys was devised to mark several points along the Smith trail. These buoys transmit observational data for trail users, collect water-quality and other scientific measurements for monitoring the health of the Bay, and communicate current and historical information for the public and educators.

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